Selling my SHINee albums / photobooks.


I’ve pretty much fallen out of the SHINee fandom and I have a lot of albums I don’t want anymore, so I figure some shawols might make some good use out of them. All prices are in USD. and we can haggle over some of them. If you need to convert, go here or I’ll do it for you if you ask. All payments are through paypal and I do ship internationally. The price next to the item doesn’t include shippping. (Shipping to the US is cheaper than shipping to Sweden for example. Each item I’m selling has a picture linked. If you’re interested or have questions, come by my ask and I’ll answer as best as possible. All items will be shipped 3 - 5 business days after the payment’s been received on paypal. If you’re interested, like I said, feel free to send me an ask. I’m willing to haggle on these, honestly, I just want to be rid of most of the SHINee in my life. Plus I’m broke. Help a poor fan boy out ok.

I’m selling the following merch:

That’s all for now. I’ll put up more once these sell. Please reblog to spread the word even if you’re not feeling like buying. Thanks x 10. 


Teafordom & Dopehyung’s awesome epic kpop giveaway! Because it feels good to give back. You help us, we help you. ♥


  • Must be following teafordom & dopehyung. We’ll check to make sure you are. 
  • Only one reblog can count as one entry. Likes do not count. That means you can reblog it as much as you want but ONLY ONE REBLOG WILL COUNT AS ONE ENTRY. 
  • To earn yourself 5 more entries, reblog this post. Please make sure to let dopehyung know which tumblr blog you want the entries to go to so we can keep track. 
  • To earn yourself a lot more entries, you can choose to buy from dopehyung’s kpop sale. Each 5 dollars you spend will get you 20 more entries. For example, If you buy an item worth 29USD, you will get 120 more entries to win. This is optional. 
  • The giveaway will end at 11pm Eastern Standard Time on November 30th of 2013. 
  • NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS. The winner has to be from an active blog. 
  • Keep your ask open. We’ll need to notify you if you win.
  • There will only be ONE winner. The winner will be chosen with a random number generator. If the winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, another will be chosen at random using a random number generator. 
  • Any and all questions can be forwarded to dopehyung’s ask box.

The prizes the winner will receive will include the following:

  • SHINee World 1st Concert CD + DVD + Photobook
  • SHINee World Taiwan Repackaged Album
  • SHINee’s Romeo album, Key version 
  • SHINee’s Lucifer album Type B
  • Super Junior’s Mr. Simple album, Eunhyuk Version 
  • Size S Keep Calm and Replay T-Shirt
  • Size M My Name is Minho Sweater
  • SHINee World 1st Album 
  • 3 SHINee keychains
  • Big Bang Magazine Vivi #9 September 2010
  • GTOP Jelly Bracelet

Good luck! <3

How do I interact with all you people? I’m suddenly unsure of myself.

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[ ‘Slinks back with a packet of cheese puffs in her possession; throws one into her mouth and chews on it while she idles, doing nothing. ] I’m back——if there’s anyone out there.


[ `squints a little, then looks straight ahead and stares into the distance for a few moments. ] … Fine. Ferrets are the best. The best. Ever. In the universe. I feel ferrets on a spiritual level.

So what you’re saying is, the ferret is your spirit animal? [ ‘Partially covers her mouth, muffling her laughter; she finds herself more amused by the reluctance to admit the fact, as opposed to the fact itself. ] Now that’s adorable. 

[ ‘Slinks away to get high. ]


Did you not hear the rest of what I said woman?! You’re crazy! I knew it! [—He backed away from her, rubbing his leg with a forced, painful look, brows furrowed together.]

[ ‘She raised her brow, watching him back away and rub his leg; she couldn’t help but laugh, shaking her head. ] You are such a drama queen. That can’t possibly have hurt… And I’m not crazy, I told you I’d kick your ass.


You’re too squishy and cute. But then again that type is the type to be a little shit and get you when you’re not looking. [—eyes her over, shaking his head.]

Too squishy and cute?! Oh, that’s it. [ ‘She kicked out at him without warning, quite literally kicking is skinny ass, though it lacked any substantial force; she was being more playful than anything else. ]